A UNESCO World Heritage site, a monumental country house, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, lush green gardens and an English Baroque style of architecture. Blenheim Palace is very conveniently located near Oxford, hence when you are visiting Oxford, this place is worth a visit. A little trivia for all the movie junkies - Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Transformers: The Last Knight, SPECTRE (007), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Ghum (Bollywood) and FAN(Bollywood) were shot here!!

This is a marvel by the architect, as its not only a monument, but a home also

A handy tip - Wear comfortable footwear (preferably shoes), as this place demands a lot of walking! Since the place is surrounded by gardens, the wind can get biting cold, so keep yourself equipped with scarves, ear muffs etc. Also, the cafe here cannot be relied on as they are closed most of the times or don't have much of variety, so carry some food to keep your hunger at bay and water or juices as well to keep yourself hydrated at all times! Also there are regular events at Blenheim Palace so it is worth looking at their calendar to plan your visit to coincide, or avoid events.

This palace is a classic example of an English landscape and countryside

When we reached there, we were handed a map, which really helped us find our way amidst this huge palace spread across acres of land. An easier way to get to the places on the map (for eg. the Marlborough maze) would be to find a way to get there by your car (Trust me you don't want to walk that distance). Here's the map - click here

You can take tours for visiting the inside of the palace, which take you through all the different family rooms and even to the room where Winston Churchill was born.

Blenheim’s state dining room is used only once a year, for the family’s Christmas dinner, its table is always formally set with crystal, china, and silver, on exhibit for public tours. Wall paintings by 18th-century French artist Louis Laguerre depict figures from around the world and include a sneakily placed self-portrait of the artist. The grandeur of the Great Hall is attributable to its soaring, 64-foot height. Flanked by tiers of marble pillars and archways to lead your gaze upward, the impressive hall epitomizes the triumphal spirit in which Blenheim Palace was built.

You need to keep a day aside to explore this place. If you are planning to club any other places with this - then don't as you are going to be so exhausted by the end of the visit. By the end of it all you are going to think of is some amazing hot food and then your bed!! (atleast I did).

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