Imagine a moment when you lose yourselves with the love of your life, a moment which is made especially for you and love is oozing in the air all around you. To top it all, there is some gluttony for your tummy too!! I'm talking about one of the most romantic restaurants in the world - Clos Maggiore.

Located in Covent Garden, Clos Maggiore has consistently been topping the charts for being one of the most romantic restaurants. This upscale restaurant serves exquisite French cuisine and is also known to have one of the world's most exquisite list of wines. Get cozy with your loved one in an ambiance filled with cherry blossoms, dim and dreamy lighting and hear the melodious sputter from the burning wooden logs.

Getting a reservation here is nothing less than an achievement. After all, every couple would love to create special memories of their life here. Be prepared to book at least 2 months in advance to get a date nearer to the day you want it for. Despite reserving 2 months in advance, you might get a table only for weekdays and on the top floor of the restaurant. But that's not actually where you want your table to be. The conservatory of the restaurant is considered the most enchanting dining area of the restaurant. However, for that, you need to book 6 months in advance or even up to a year for your preferred date. This place is open for lunch as well, but if you want to get the real feel of the restaurant, then it ought to be a dinner date!! A little too much to ask for? Trust me, it is totally worth it.

My husband set up a surprise for me and reserved a table here for my birthday. We got a table on the top floor (He had booked it almost 2 months in advance, not knowing how busy it would be!!). Hand in hand, we walked in and were warmly greeted by the staff. We were seated at our table and had a private butler for our assistance. Since we both are teetotallers, we ordered some mocktails. The restaurant has a set menu as well an A La Carte menu. We went in for the former. The rates are not very exorbitant when compared to what you experience here.

So here's what we indulged in:

  • Mocktails: A refreshing cucumber virgin margarita and a cooling virgin lemon mojito
  • Starters: Roasted new season pumpkin and pine nut soup - This soup has undoubtedly been one of the best pumpkin soups we've had. The crunch of the pine nuts along with the roasted pumpkin was a delightful combination (my favourite).
  • Salad 1: Smoked Burrata from Puglia & Heirloom Beetroot - Initially we thought this would be a cliched style of salad, but it was a pleasant surprise. There was a different type of tingle to our taste buds, which was delicious!!
  • Salad 2: Seasonal Greens - This was fresh and full of flavour, healthy and tasty greens with a tangy dressing
  • Main Course: Hand Rolled Fresh Pappardelle, Grated Fresh Truffle - This one was delicious, freshly made pasta with a creamy truffle sauce topped with grated mushrooms
  • Dessert: Berry and Lemon Parfait - The perfect ending to a scrumptious meal. Sweet and velvety with a little bit of a zesty feel to it.

To make our romantic night more memorable, the hotel staff brought a cutely decorate plate of chocolates with Happy Birthday written on it. They very sweetly sang for me as well.

I would highly recommend this place. It is not only for couples. You can come here with anyone you love!! Celebrate Father's day with your dad or maybe a sister's day out or even a surprise for your mom to keep her out of the kitchen for a day!! Come here and take back a bag full of sweet and cherishable memories. Also, the menu keeps getting updated here, so you may not find the same stuff we ate, but I can vouch for it to be tasty!!

Have you already been there? Give me your feedback below in the comments.